FatBoy Zine issue 4 "Everywhere at Once"

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FatBoy Zine issue 3 "Palette & Politics"

FatBoy Zine Issue 3 ‘Palette & Politics’ This issue looks at the food and identity of Hong Kong, whose food culture is an amazing story of adoption, adaption and growth. Here we focus on communal dishes set against the backdrop of the current fight for democracy. This is FBZs largest issue, with writing from Cynthia Chou, Illustrations from Jacco Bunt, Film and photography from Kenneth Lam, Photography from Xaviar Manhing and food photography from Emily Leonard.

This issue is our biggest and most involved yet, nearly double the size of previous issues. The recipes in this issue center around communal dining and sharing.


FatBoy Zine Issue 2 "At Home in the Philippines"

Our second issue focuses on a specific location; the Philippines. Continuing our documentation of Asian food culture, we look at the rich diversity of Filipino food, highlighting the subtly and chaos through 8 recipes made of opposing flavours (fatty & acidic, sweet & tart). The zine explores how this food culture can be unrepresented, but definitely not undervalued.

Recipes in this issue include the classics Halo-Halo, Lumpia, Leche Flan & Ube Ice Cream.


FatBoy Zine Issue 1

Issue one is a personal documentation of how food, culture and growing up impact on each other. Consisting of 9 recipes from Hong Kong and the Philippines, this first issue of FatBoy Zine looks at the connection between location and culture and how “fusion” food can be a misleading term for some.

The recipes in this issue include the Philippine staple Adobo, and Chinese fried chicken.

Originally created in 2018, this is the issue that started our whole project.


Soft Boiled X FatBoy Zine

A new collaboration from Soft Boiled X FatBoy Zine - “LUNCHTIME” Reusable Lunch Bag and sandwich wraps.

This reusable lunch bag comfortably stores lunchboxes, Tupperware, and more. Simple, stylish and handy for daily use. While the Reusable food wraps are a handy alternative to cling film, tin foil and single-use plastics for everyday use! Perfect for a sandwich, wrap or pitta.

Together, they're very helpful when packing for a picnic.

Handmade in London from an orange ultra dry waxed cotton and lined with foodsafe PUL fabric. The top of the bag rolls closed and fastens with a Prym Press Fastener tab. It’s topped with a designed ‘LUNCHTIME’ label by FatBoy Zine.

Fatboy Zine