FatBoy is a diary and a cookbook. But more than that it’s a greedy attempt to document Asian food and Identity.

Documenting recipes I recorded from my time growing up in Hong Kong and the Philippines, before bringing them to England. The recipes in this zine are what I learned from both family and the world around me. using food as our medium we explore themes around identity, belonging and creative expression.

Founded in 2019, we’ve produced three zines, homeware products and have collaborated on projects with other creatives to investigate food and identity.

Created by Chis O’Leary with
Food Photography by Emily Leonard

Distributed by Public Knowledge Books



FatBoy is the new loud and proud zine dedicated to Asian food and culture


I was this really, really chubby child covered head to toe in tye dye


FatBoy has only become more refined and considered


Interview with a Zine Maker


FatBoy Uses Great Graphic Design to Turn Grief into Food


A remarkably polished product

Fatboy Zine