Fatboy Zine x Eastern Margins: "Redline Legends" EP Release

This was one of my favorite collabs, mixing animation, music, type, and loud as fuck art direction together.

In 2021 I teamed up with Eastern Margins, a London-based collective, music label, and community dedicated to platforming the sounds and stories of the Margins of East and South-East Asia and its diaspora.

EM was releasing a new EP / mixtape called "REDLINE LEGENDS", the music was a mix of amazing EDM, house and techno artists based in Asia. Together we wanted to collab on an animated type style and masthead that would compliment the album art.

Redline 1

The music played off a mix of organic and mechanical sounds and visuals, giving a clear direction for the type. It had to feel reminiscent of vintage UI, HUD and digital layouts, mixed with serif typefaces and organic forms. After defining a base style together, I worked up how the elements could move, interact and create a single beautiful composition, that eventually, can be broken apart and used across different pieces of artwork.

The amazing 3D artworks were designed and rendered by @tabithaswanson_ & @lorengprojekt. I wanted to create type and animation that kept the same energy of the artwork without overpowering it.

3D render with type3D render with type
3D render with type3D render with type

I guided the balance of type and illustration before animating each element. Ultimately applying it to the album art, social media, and other products.

Getting to explore the contrast of rigid mechanical layouts against fluidity and dance music energy was one of the sickest experiments I’ve gotten to do. I’m definitely grateful to the EM crew for letting me explore that.

Fatboy Zine